At the moment Eliot is tested only on RaspberryPI 3b, but installing it to other environments should be pretty straight forward. If you happen to test in some other device, please let us know!

Install CLI

Eliot client, called eli, is just a binary what you can download from Eliot releases.


  1. brew install ernoaapa/eliot/eli
  2. Test eli --version


  1. Download eli binary from releases
  2. Place it into your $PATH
  3. Test eli --version

Install device

There's three options for device installation

  1. Use EliotOS on RaspberryPI 3
  2. Use Debian linux (e.g. Raspbian) and use deb packages
  3. Manual installation to any linux

EliotOS on RaspberryPI3

By far the easiest and most secure way to use Eliot is by using EliotOS. EliotOS is minimal Linux Operating System, built with linuxkit, which contains only minimal components to run Eliot which are Linux kernel, runc, containerd and eliotd daemon. Check the EliotOS section for more info.

eli provides build command to build EliotOS for RaspberryPI3 and install it to the sdcard.

  1. Format sdcard as you would normally
  2. Mount it to for example /Volumes/rpi3
  3. Build image and unpack it to the directory eli build device | tar xv -C /Volumes/rpi3
  4. Unmount the disk
  5. Connect RaspberryPI with ethernet cable to same network with your laptop and power on!
  6. In less than 10s you should see the device with command eli get devices
  7. And that's it! ☺

Next step is to follow getting started guide and deploy first app!

Debian (Raspbian) installation

Eliot provides deb packages through packagecloud for Debian linux, for example Raspbian, to install Eliot and all dependencies.

Eliot DEB Repository · packagecloud

# Install eliot deb repository
curl -s | sudo bash

# Install Eliot and dependencies
sudo apt-get install -y eliot

# Start the services
sudo systemctl start containerd && sudo systemctl enable containerd
sudo systemctl start eliotd && sudo systemctl enable eliotd

That's it! Now try running eli get nodes in your local computer and you should see your device!

Manual installation

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